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    Matty pranking Harry


Matty pranking Harry 

*phone rings*

Matty: It’s insane, it’s not, aaah
Nick: Say Niall said it would be fine
M, whispers: What am I gonna say, what am I gonna say
Harry: Hello
M: Hello
H: Hello, mate!
M: Hello, Harry, how are you mate?
H: You okay?
M: Yeah I’m good, how are you?
H: I’m alright, thanks
M: It’s nice to speak to you, sorry I’ve never rung you before now, it’s quite a bad time to ring you, so early.
H: No worries
M: Em yeah, I’m just wondering, this is gonna sound ridiculous, but em, is there any way - I tried to get in touch with Niall, and I was wondering, eh, I need like, eh, basically like five grand, and I’m in Chalk Farm and I’m having a bit of an emergency and I know it sounds ridiculous, I know it does, but it’s actually quite a serious situation, and I’ve got two guys in here, in a phonebox with me, one of them keeps pointing at a photo of Marco and it’s really weird, I don’t know what that means. Em, and it’s really threatening, so do you reckon you could give Niall a ring and see if he can come down and sort me the cash?
H: Yeah, we’re in, uh, we’re in Bristol. 
M: Uuh. 
H: Ehhm
M: I could try The Wanted, do you have any of their numbers? 
H: Hang on, let me, um, let me get, let me go and I’ll get my assistant to call you and she’ll sort it out
M: Okay, that’s perfect, thanks mate, make it as quick as possible, 
H: Alright, bye

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worth every second

this was literally the best. and i bet it was done with a laser.

how is this real??

I’m so glad I accidentally pressed play

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